Beau Gilley

Beau has worked for people with disabilities since 2005. He’s filled positions in residential homes, at a supervised workshop, as case manager, and most recently as an independent support coordinator. People are sometimes confused by the latest job because the title isn’t easy to decipher. An ISC is a social worker who sits between the government who pays for services and the many different agencies providing the service.

ISC’s focus on the person first, make monthly visits, assure everyone’s needs are being met, and help each person to develop plans to go forward in their lives to do the things that fulfill them as people. Sometimes that takes creativity and coming up with ideas that go against expectations. Society’s perception of people with disabilities continues to be molded and changed by those who advocate and most effectively by the people themselves as the world grows to see them as individual humans with inalienable rights who have unique perspectives and invaluable skill sets, people who are wondrously flawed and profoundly beautiful.

A well made clock is composed of many gears, cogs, and elaborate moving pieces. It takes each and every piece to make it sound the hour and as a whole we are all living and bearing the weight of gravity each day to keep the great clock chiming and -when there is time- enjoy the beauty of the song it creates.

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